Press Release: Anticipating its bankruptcy, the regime sets in motion a strategy of preventive repression

Trade unionists, peaceful opposition, journalists and human rights defenders have become the principle targets of the regime. As it was incapable of managing the country while it benefitted from financial ease that could definitively have saved Algeria from future uncertainties, the regime will certainly not be more able to provide solutions as the price of oil falls dangerously.

Faced with the certainty of an upcoming social explosion, due to unpopular measures that it has taken and which affect the most vulnerable, the regime has chosen to repress all forms of protest. Having proved its incompetence and its corruption, the regime has not ceased to lie to the people concerning the economic reality of the country and has therefore chosen to resort to its old habits: the truncheon and justice to orders!

First the truncheon: Two days ago, in the square in front of the Grand Poste, a disproportionate security detail encircled protestors against the reforms to retirement and the erosion of purchasing power, before violently dispersing them. Once again, it is shown that one cannot peacefully demonstrate in our country and that, in any case, the police remain the strongest … and the largest force.

Regarding ‘Justice,’ once again damaged yesterday in el Baid: Before the trial of Hassan Bouras in the city’s correctional court, the police violently arrested all those who had come from four corners of the country to attend the trial, to express their solidarity and support for the journalist. Before the verdict was even announced, an impressive security detail was deployed around the courthouse to prevent any protest; the police apparently knowing in advance the decision that would be made! A one-year prison sentence with an arrest warrant at the hearing, in addition to a fine of 200,000 DA, is now the price to pay for all those who dare to speak out.

While the regime disposed of the financial means for buying social peace, it tolerated, to some extent, an ‘acceptable’ level of contestation, notably to protect its image abroad.

The repression that has been amplified in recent months aims to terrorise the people and to show to them that ‘playtime is over.’ What the regime apparently ignores, however, is that preventive repression leads to general repression, which will lead inexorably to its demise.

The Rachad Movement reaffirms its support for all trade unionists, human rights defenders and peaceful activists, and calls on them, in addition to the entire political class, to unite and work to bring Algeria out of the impasse, and to avoid the chaos brought on by a regime in perdition.

The Secretariat of the Rachad Movement.
29 November 2016